Executive evaluation & assessment

The key component of human resource development is maximization of employee’s potential through tailored based competency assessments, performance management and executive evaluation. TehnikaPERM offers a broad pallet of assessment solutions for existing employees and candidates in the recruitment process. TehnikaPERM offers psychological testing, psychometric Thomas test or assessment, comprehensive disc Personality Test and four different dexterity tests used for motor coordination of potential employees.

Psychological testing

The method of psychological testing provides an unbiased insight into the characteristics and competence of job candidates. It is a tool to learn more about the personality structure of the candidate for a specific work position.

Psychological testing highlights areas such as:
  • TehnikaPERM - psychological testing Candidate's personal traits
  • TehnikaPERM - Overall and specific intellectual abilities Overall and specific intellectual abilities
  • TehnikaPERM - method of psychological testing Interests
  • TehnikaPERM - competence of job candidates Team roles
  • TehnikaPERM - psyhological testing of personality Career anchors
  • TehnikaPERM - psyhological testing Concentration
  • TehnikaPERM - psyhological testing, personal specifications Achievements

Psychological tests are an additional recruitment tool for choosing best possible candidate. Tests can be used for any position, bit in practice, companies mostly use this option for screening managerial staff. Today, psychological testing is considered as a standard activity in the multinational world.

We cooperate with high-profile local consultants in the field of psychology.

Thomas test

Psychometric test or assessment measure psychological characteristics such as personality traits, behavioural styles, cognitive abilities, motivations etc. The word psychometric literally means psychological measurement. Thomas assessments measure a wide range of different characteristics. The definition of 'psychometric' combines the words 'psyche', meaning 'mind', as well as the word 'meter', meaning 'measure'. Therefore, a psychometric test or assessment is a tool that measures a person's psychological characteristics. For example, psychometric tests and assessments can measure characteristics such as personality traits, cognitive abilities, behavioural styles and more. There is a distinction between a psychometric test and a psychometric assessment. The main difference is that a test measures candidate maximum performance using tasks that have right or wrong answers. An assessment will typically use a questionnaire-format, asking a candidate to rate its agreement levels with certain statements.

Examples of psychometric tests include cognitive ability tests, aptitude tests, logic tests and reasoning tests. Examples of psychometric assessments include personality assessments, emotional intelligence assessments and behavioural preference assessments. Psychometric tests and assessments aim to put candidate scores or responses into context, for example comparing candidate to other people. A test or assessment that compares candidate to others is known as a norm-referenced (normative) test; how did a candidate performance or responses compare to a comparative group of people (e.g. other candidates). A self-referencing (Ipsative) test or assessment will compare candidate performance or responses to its individual performance or response patterns. A test or assessment that focuses on a very specific set of skills or knowledge is called domain-referencing. An example would be a driving test as the candidate have to achieve a pre-established level of performance and knowledge to meet set criteria.

DISC test

This Comprehensive disc Personality Test helps to understand potential candidate and offers a recruitment tool. DISC test is compiled from 24 questions and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

The DISC assessment report includes:
  • Personalized analysis of candidate Personalized analysis of candidate natural and adapted style
  • candidate work within DISC styles Thorough review of all four DISC styles and how the candidate work within those styles
  • gifts and concerns the candidate might have Insights into the greatest gifts and greatest concerns the candidate might have in future workplace
  • TehnikaPERM and candidate strengths Overview of the styles that complement candidate strengths
  • Strategies for candidate more effectively communication Strategies for candidate more effectively communication
  • TehnikaPERM analysis of candidate response Analysis of candidate response to stressful situations
  • DISC test - candidate communication style A look at how others view candidate communication style
  • Increasing candidate close rate on sales call Increasing candidate close rate on sales call
  • DISC test - candidate leadership skills Understanding of candidate leadership skills
  • Personalized analysis - DISC test And so much more.

Dexterity testing

Dexterity testing is a perfect tool when massively recruiting factory workers, it is also used for a number of other reasons. (E.g. rehabilitation and return to work, skills assessment, perception and motor coordination of personnel selection and development). Dexterity testing is usually used in automotive and pharma, but covers also other industry areas. TehnikaPERM offers four different dexterity tests such as: (1) the Purdue Pegboard test; (2) Grooved Pegboard test; (3) Hand Tool Dexterity Test, and: (4) The O’Connor Finger Dexterity test.